Even though we feature no Christmas movies below, there are many of those that fit this category for many people, especially the Hallmark movies we keep hearing about on Facebook! Please feel free to share your movie moments below. And without further adieu the list of our five movie moments…..


The Movie Moment: The Wedding During The Closing Credits

This movie is a booby trap of cry moments. A friend shared with us that they bawled when Chick’s ex-wife told their son, “That’s not a salesman, that’s your father.” That she saw many people in the theater openly sobbed during Harry’s goodbye to Grace. But she made it all the way through the actual movie, just to completely lose it during the closing credits. As Grace’s real-life father and his band sing “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing,” we get a glimpse of her wedding to AJ and the camera pans to the front row where you see Bear, Chick, Rockhound and rest, along with huge blown up pictures of Harry and the others who died. Just emotional torture.

Some say they have heard scathing critiques of this movie for nearly 20 years now but they don’t bother us. It’s a superb blend of action, drama, comedy, suspense, and romance to us. And it closes with an unforgettable heart-wrenching moment.


Scene from movie Armageddon.

Rocky III

The Movie Moment: Rocky’s Reaction to Mick Dying

Some of us weren’t old enough to see this movie in the theater. A good friend pal tells the tale of his first time watching it with his family in Tookeydoo, SC when he was around six years old. Watching Rocky come to the realization that Mick was gone, his loud crying and tears in response moved him so deeply he got up and left the room, and had a good, long, sympathetic cry with himself. He put on sunglasses and came back as though he could fool everyone around him into thinking something else had happened.

This film is a perfect installment of the Rocky canon. From the first note of “Eye of the Tiger” in the opening credits to the stunning twist with Apollo training Rocky to Eye of the Tiger reprising at the end with Rocky giving Apollo his “favor,” it continues the Rocky narrative exceptionally. The tragic loss of Rocky’s manager in the first act is a masterpiece stroke of plot development, complete with A-level acting by Stallone and Talia Shire and an exceptional musical arrangement by Bill Conti (appropriately titled “Mick”). A poignant moment in a movie series filled with them.


Scene from movie Rocky 3

Return of the King

The Movie Moment: “My Friends…You bow to no one.”

We love these books but here is one of several film moments that elicits deep emotion in a way the books do not, at least to some of us (while the reverse is often true also). Tolkien told a story of a fantasy Hobbit race that conveyed biblical ideas like ‘The last will be first” and “The humble will be exalted”. And at this movie moment Peter Jackson brought it to life in a powerful way. A heartwarming, joy-filled, tear-jerking way. These halflings were not warriors like Gimli or Legolas or royalty like Aragorn or magically powerful like Gandalf. Yet they destroyed the ring, saved Faramir and helped overthrow Saruman, and braved all manner of hell on earth to do so. And in a moment where all was right in the world (albeit a complex fantasy world), they appropriately attempted to show honor. But were given it instead.

Storytelling does not get better than this. The first time we saw it we could do nothing other than bow our heads and shamelessly weep. They were tears that expressed a satisfaction and pleasure we long for in real life but rarely experience. An incredible. movie moment indeed!


Scene from movie Return Of The King

Bruce Almighty

The Movie Moment: Bruce Prays for Grace

Even though it is a bit irreverent at times, there are moments in this movie where we think they capture what God is like. And in this moment they capture what it means to truly love someone, to the point that you want what is best for them even if it means losing them. Bruce asked God for someone to see Grace always, as he sees her now, “through Your eyes”. What a moment movie. What a prayer. Tears on top of tears for me. If there was any doubt that Jim Carrey could act, The Truman Show ended it and this moment obliterated it.

A moviegoer shares with us his his heartfelt movie moment . He recounts that right before he met his girlfriend and when he met her he prayed this prayer for every girl he went out with or wanted to go out with. It is a hard prayer to pray. When you’re 35 and single, it’s perhaps the hardest. He even downloaded the soundtrack with the music that plays behind this scene and listened to it regularly. It had that big of an impact on him.


Scene from movie Bruce Almighty

Cast Away

The Movie Moment: Kelly Has to Go Home Now

It happens to us all from time to time that you pick a movie that unbeknownst it to you turns out to be so relatable to your life’s circumstances. And our good friend pal shares with us how watching this movie had a lot to do with her life circumstances at the time and not just the plot development of the movie, but she had no doubt that when she watched this scene in March of 2003 that she cried longer and harder than at any other on this list or any list.

She was struggling in real life with personal loss. Her roommate and de facto psychiatrist Meg Smith encouraged her with “Who knows what the tide could bring?” from this movie. So she rented it and watched it that night. Kelly had given up on Chuck being alive. She was married to another man. And when Chuck visits and goes to leave and she runs after him in the rain they have the following exchange:

“I love you Chuck! You’re the love of my life!”

“I love you, too, Kelly. More than you’ll ever know.”

And then after a moment in the car he tells her, “You have to go home now.” That destroyed her. It was too real. But the mourning was therapeutic. And she and her roommate relive this series of events often even to this day. That movie moment felt like a hand came out from the screen and tugged my heart.


Scene from movie Cast Away

So that’s our list, at least for today of some of the greatest movie moments of all time. We should mention that, if we’re to have reviewed Finding Dory, that Finding Nemo would be on this list but it made us cry like twelve times so it wouldn’t fit!

Please comment on moments you feel similarly about if you would like !

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